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Am I eligible for the Osteoarthritis program?

Am I eligible?

You may be eligible for the Osteoarthritis Healthy Weight For Life program if you:

  • have a body mass index (BMI) equal to or greater than 28. Calculate your BMI.
  • have a current or historical x-ray diagnosed osteoarthritis of the knee or hip
  •  in the clinical opinion of your medical practitioner have either:

a. knee or hip osteoarthritis symptoms that have (or are likely to in the foreseeable future) necessitated referral to an orthopaedic surgeon for further investigation or evaluation for an initial or second joint replacement procedure OR

b. an existing knee or hip joint replacement that has developed symptoms such as pain, swelling, instability or warmth and could benefit from weight loss, improved fitness and muscle strength OR

c. a knee or hip joint replacement procedure is planned and weight loss, improved fitness and muscle strength prior to surgery is desirable

  • have no allergies or an intolerance to KicStart ingredients
  • are not pregnant or breastfeeding or intending to become pregnant during the 18 week program
  • have served a 12 month waiting period on a Hospital or Combined cover product (this excludes StarterPak as it does not cover joint replacements).
  • are over the age of 18
  • have NOT previously participated in this program or any other Healthy Weight for Life program offered by Teachers Health Fund.

If you fit within the above criteria you will also:

  • require approval from your medical practitioner to participate in the program and maintain medical supervision for existing medical conditions
  • be willing to provide progress data over the course of the program (such as weight, waist circumference, blood pressure etc).

Further information can be found at Healthy Weight for Life. Alternatively, you can contact the Healthy Weight for Life team on 1800 226 180.

How do I participate in the program?

Teachers Health Fund will be sending invitations to members who based on their previous claims history may benefit from one of the Healthy Weight for Life programs.  However, members who feel they would meet the full eligibility criteria can also access the program online.

Join the program

Important information
This program is run by Prima Health Solutions Pty Limited (ABN 44097116544). Prima Health Solutions is responsible for the services provided as part of the program.

Your privacy is important to us and when you consent to participate in the program, any personal health information you agree to provide online or directly to the healthcare professionals of Prima Health Solutions will only be used to deliver the program to you. Prima Health Solutions will only have access to the information you provide to them.

Prima Health Solutions will not provide any of your information to Teachers Health Fund, except as may be required for conducting clinical audits, program evaluation measures, eligibility checking and verifying Teachers Health Fund’s payment to Prima Health Solutions.

Prima Health Solutions is bound by confidentiality and privacy obligations to Teachers Health Fund to ensure all members’ personal information is secure and kept in strict confidence.  Prima Health Solutions has its own Prima Privacy Policy and Prima Customer Complaints Policy which participants in the program should familiarise themselves with.

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